Latin America IX Events

SAP NOW went to Latin America and so did the Immersive Experience

Since the first Immersive Experience project for SAP, multiple implementations have followed, in different sizes and at various locations all around the world. Last year, the ‘white room’ has even been integrated in a truck trailer. The concept of an immersive experience room has proven its value for multiple purposes, such as VIP presentations, sales pitches, product trainings, employee on-boarding, and strategic decision making processes.

SAP NOW, a traveling event of SAP, went to Latin America in March 2019, and so did the Immersive Experience. In two weeks time, the event was hosted in three countries: Argentina, Chile and Peru. 

During these days, a portfolio of solutions, new technologies and innovations were showcased to their local clients. In each event, the Immersive Experience had a significant contribution in creating an impressive event experience.

A 3-sides setup of the Immersive Experience was used in order to give presentations to hundreds of visitors. They were welcomed by an engaging presentation from SAP’s local managers.

As an extra, SAP added an attractive, highly visual exterior to the IEX box, which made the immersive experience a notable part of the event. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse, resulting in people waiting in line.

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