Hyro Storytelling Software Connect with your customers in a meaningful way through the power of story. Our software turns any space or screen into a storytelling canvas. This allows for you to turn your story into an immersive and engaging experience. Purple View Project Rise with SAP: Live event SAP used virtual technology and spectacular 3D visual effects to stand out and deliver their message in an engaging and compelling way. Purple produced the event and delivered the content. SAP View Project Microsoft Holosuite IX End of 2019, Microsoft launched a completely new experience together with their partners in the Customer Experience Center in its office at Schiphol: the Holosuite. This space is the basis for a groundbreaking new way of storytelling. Microsoft NL View Project Sapphire 2020 Reimagined Due to the global pandemic, SAP had to reimagine their yearly global event. Purple supported this reimagination with creative innovation skills and the latest content production tools. SAP View Project


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At Purple, we believe every organisation has great stories to tell, which can be empowered by applying technology in the right way. In the end, grabbing attention of your target audience equals success.

In order to be successful in a constant changing world, any business should embrace technology and strive to be remarkable. We aim for business value for our clients by creating great concepts through new and innovative technologies via blended events, immersive experience, and our own digital storytelling software Hyro.

At Purple we dare to innovate, always challenge the status quo, embrace everything that is new, and focus solely on creating differentiating and remarkable strategies/concepts/productions for you.

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