Sapphire 2020 Reimagined

Sapphire 2020 specially reimagined, in adaption to circumstances

The yearly SAPPHIRE NOW event was reimagined for the 2020 special circumstances. Purple helped CEO Christian Klein and his board members to bring their message to their audiences in the most compelling way.

The SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined sessions were created to help clients and partners see how becoming an intelligent enterprise can help you build resilience and succeed in times of crisis and recovery. SAP CEO Christian Klein and his special guests presented their stories and lessons to help you lead your organisation through economic recovery and beyond. Steering your company through the new reality might seem like a daunting task, leaving you with little choice but to adapt and adjust. The good news: This can also be the chance to set a new course.

Purple helped to script and produce CK’s keynote speech (watch here) and his board members. See the making of parts of this production here as well. We were happy to learn this reimagined keynote to be well received.

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