Samsung Interactive Stand


Augmented Reality / Virtual RealitySamsung/KPN Interactive Stand

The interactive stand for Samsung at the KPN Kickoff 2015 featured several interactive concepts such as

A full HD virtual reality race competition
We installed two play seats including a steering wheel and gas and break pedals. Wearing an Oculus Rift and a pair of headphones, two players were able to compete in a full HD race game.

The virtual haunted house experience
In a very small and dark room, equipped with a night view camera, people experienced a terrifying haunted house experience. People in line outside the closed room at the interactive stand were able te see what they were about to experience.

A mobile virtual race game
A virtual race game based on a flyer with a printed race track. The flyer contained instructions to install the mobile app on one side, the other side showed the printed race track with a marker to create a digital layer when using the mobile app. Check out the video here!