Purple IX Event

Immerse yourself!

Since the first Immersive Experience project for SAP, multiple implementations have followed, in different sizes and at various locations all around the world. Last year, the ‘white room’ has even been integrated in a truck trailer. Recently, we parked the truck in front of the Purple clubhouse, to demonstrate this impressive vehicle to our friends. 

Monday March 15, we organised the Purple Immersive Experience Truck event. This day, we parked our SAP Immersive Experience truck in front of the Purple Clubhouse, so we could host an event to demonstrate the power of Purple IX to our clients, partners and friends. Over the course of the day, we received more than 100 guests, and immersed them in a series of IX demonstrations and stories.

We also presented a new IX concept, meant for pop-up events and mobile experiences: Pop-X. This new variation to IX is quickly gaining popularity; we’re hoping to install & launch the first client-owned pop-X soon!

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