Interpolis Blijf in Bedrijf VR


Insurance Training in VR

The Interpolis BlijfInBedrijf (‘Stay In Business’) App is a business training app to promote and improve insurance proposition knowledge. At the same time, it matched the innovative marketing ambitions of Interpolis as well.

The objective is to train insurance agents, account managers and ultimately, new clients in typical professional risks and hazards, for which the new insurance product of Interpolis provides coverage. Purple created the Interpolis BlijfInBedrijf App to train corporate representatives and agents in an engaging and inspiring way. VR is very suitable in this context, because of its immersive and engaging character.

Would you like to try the App? Download it in the App or Play store (Blijf in Bedrijf VR), or visit the Interpolis Blijf in Bedrijf page. In case you do not have a pair of VR goggles, contact us! We are happy to hook you up.