Interpolis – AutoModus safe driving app

Traffic Safety:
AutoModus safe driving app

For Dutch insurance company Interpolis, Purple developed and published the AutoModus app: a special service that prevents drivers from being distracted by their smartphone, and rewards them for phone idleness. It’s part of Interpolis’ strategy to provide smart solutions for societal issues.

AutoModus is based on a simple principle: help and reward drivers for not using their smartphone while driving. Once downloaded and opened, the app starts ‘AutoModus’ automatically as soon as the GPS senses movement. The screen brightness will be dimmed, and a screensaver will pop up. Drivers earn points for each safe kilometer driven. If the phone is operated while driving, all points collected in that ride are lost.

After a successful launch and positive reception in 2017, Interpolis plans to expand the app with more functionalities over the course of 2018. A smart solution that promotes traffic safety!

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