Immersive Experience Room – by Purple

Next level VR:
immersive multi-person VR experience

For a multinational software corporation, Purple has created, developed and delivered a special project: the immersive experience room. It’s main purpose is to immerse multiple visitors in a shared, spectacular video and audio experience. Purple created the concept, developed the technology, and produced the spheric content, resulting in a unique and well received production. The white room has proven its value for VIP presentations, sales pitches, product trainings, employee on boarding, and strategic decision making processes.

Visitors find themselves in a closed room equipped with high end audio and video technology. During various content stories, they are surrounded by custom made 360 degree video, imagery, animations and special effects. Sessions can be moderated via an oversized multi-touch table, on which a 3D model is displayed. Next to pre-loaded content, moderators can also upload their own material and present these in multi-layer projection mode on each wall in the room.

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