HYRO Virtual Studio

Attention grabbing online moments

The virtual studio, powered by Hyro, allows companies to continue their attention grabbing online experiences despite unprecedented challenges. As our customer and employee meetings moved to the online space in the last year, so did large scale events, and life. Quality content is king in online communication, and that’s where Hyro Virtual Studio comes in. 

The competition out there is real. You need to stand out and grab attention, if you want to get your message across. Whether you’re hosting an online event, engage with employees, or are about to launch a new product that’s going to hit the stores. You can even take your audience somewhere unexpected. You want to be heard, and seen. 

We’re bringing the next leap forward in amazing online experiences.We’re combining hardware and software, to make sure you can deliver a stellar performance, every time. Our Hyro Virtual Studio set-up is accessible, affordable, and it saves you time. We have taken out the need for expensive experts, so you can create a full show, by yourself. Just get creative and press play! 

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