Samsung Galaxy S7 Intro


Product training in VR

For Samsung Europe, we developed and produced the concept of an international product training in VR for the brandnew Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge. In this training, the Samsung trainers from 7 different countries explain the new features of the topline Galaxy S7 (Edge), by making use of the Gear VR’s interactivity and special possibilities. This production shows the value of Virtual Reality technology to create engaging and compelling product trainings and presentations. 

For this VR production, we have chosen a multi-layered approach: the trainee is encircled by three layers of video, images and 3D content, together creating a compelling 6 minute training. The trainers explain all the important features of Samsung’s flagship phone, while the background changes from a white room, via a Paris location, to a fully equipped Samsung virtual store. Their story is completed by graphic icons floating by, while a particular phone feature is explained. And it ends with a spectacular surprise to emphasize one of the Galaxy S7 unique attributes.