Epic Graphic Designer

At Purple we design, produce and build attention-grabbing moments. How do we do this? We combine the power of storytelling and kick-ass visual content with technology that amazes your senses. The “kick-ass visual content part” is where you come in.

What we offer you

  • Meaningful, visible and high impact projects – You work on projects that matter to our customers and to us. Your work will be seen by many.
  • A garden to grow your creativity – We value what’s going on in your head. We want your conceptual, creative, and strategic insights to be part of what we create.
  • A lack of management layers – We work in small (international) teams consisting of cool people who all rock their specific trade.
  • Liberté! – Freedom and responsibility over your own work, and over the tech/equipment you need to achieve this.
  • A one trick pony – Just kidding. With us, you’ll work for multiple clients, on several projects, and you’ll use lots of different skills and techniques. Never boring. Promise.
  • Competitive salary, bonus and other good perks – Flexible hours. Phone + subscription. OV-chipcard. A pool car you can use to visit your parents. A solid pension plan.

Purple is not your common digital marketing and design agency. We’re in the business of creative problem solving for our clients (Microsoft, Under Armour, Samsung, Honeywell, to name a few. #namedropping). We make sure they succeed in the experience economy.

We do more than just think up awesome strategic and creative concepts. We actually make them come to life. Virtual and augmented reality, IoT, artificial intelligence, 360 video, spatial audio and app development are all part of our digital repertoire.

What you’d be a part of

  • At Purple we’re all (secretly, or not so secretly) nerds. While we feast on toasties, salads, or quadruple stacked sandwiches – a.k.a. lunch time – we often talk about the latest in tech and design.
  • We’ve been around for 8 years. So, we’re no longer a start-up. But we did decide to stick to the culture of ambition, fast decision making, and doing ground breaking stuff.
  • We work as one team and we care about how others are doing. We believe that strong ties between people are crucial for creativity. That’s why we have Friday drinks, monthly dinners, and a Purple ski-trip. Nothing mandatory, of course. But we love it when you join.

Our office used to be an old factory. Expect a lot of raw industrial edges that we’ve turned into an inspiring, creative work space – wanna see? You may sometimes trip over some cables, a projector, or a motion capture suit – we consider this part of our eclectic interior design style.

We’re located right in between Haarlem and Amsterdam. With a train station literally around the corner it’s easy to get to work using public transport. But, if you’re a car person, parking is also not an issue.

What you need to win the game

  • An amazing creative brain and some serious design skills. We expect you to have experience with one or more of the following programs: Adobe CC, Illustrator, Photoshop, (or) Sketch. After Effects, Cinema 4D, and/or Premiere are a pre.
  • Willingness to be responsible for your work, development and career path. Don’t worry: we’ll have your back in whatever you want to achieve, only it’s up to you to keep the end goal straight.
  • Burning desire to improve, get better, shine, insert more synonyms. It’s okay to not be perfect. As long as you consider this a learning opportunity.

All in all, we’re a simple lot. We believe in continuous learning, rapid iterations, and that creativity is the key to solving real world problems. We don’t believe in unnecessary hierarchy, bureaucracy, or staying in the comfort zone.

Recognize yourself in this? If so, we can’t wait to meet up.